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Walking in the Ronda Mountains. 30 Half-day Walks in Andalucia

“As I walked through the galleried woodlands along the river the first time I did this route, I could hardly believe that I was in Andalucía. It was my first visit to the region and I had arrived with a vague notion that Andalucía was all brown, dusty and barren. I could not have been more mistaken. It was late springtime and I felt immersed in the song of the nightingales. Throughout the walk, the vegetation along the river is lush and dense.”

Thus begins the description of one of the walks in this new English language walking guidebook “Walking in the Ronda Mountains: 30 half-day walks in Andalucía”. It is written by two experienced walkers, Tony Bishop and Eva Bratek, who live in the village of Montejaque just outside Ronda. All the walks are located in the Serranía de Ronda, reflecting the authors´ passion for keeping a local focus. They also recognise that many people don’t want to spend hours in cars, buses or trains, getting to and from walks. This book provides a beautiful, varied and gentle introduction to the Serranía de Ronda.

“Walking in the Ronda Mountains” is a first for the Ronda area: an English-language walking guidebook covering 30 half-day walks in the Ronda mountains that includes notes and photographs on flora and fauna likely to be encountered on each walk. For those who like to stroll through peaceful mountain landscapes whilst admiring trees, wildflowers and birds, this book is ideal. The book takes the reader through some of the most beautiful and yet least known parts of the mountains around Ronda.

An increasing number of discerning visitors are now seeking out something different to the Costa del Sol and journey into those inland parts of Andalucía where walking boots are more useful than a bathing costume. They arrive here for the first time and then vow to return. Some even come back here to live permanently. Those fortunate enough to live in this part of Andalucia will also be able to use this book in order to get to know their own backyard even better than before. Several of the 30 walks are accessible by using just public transport.

The area covered by “Walking in the Ronda Mountains” includes the Sierra de las Nieves UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the Guadiaro Valley, the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, the upper and mid-Genal Valley, the Sierra Bermeja and the Sierra Blanca.

“Walking in the Ronda Mountains” highlights the wealth and diversity of hiking routes in the Serranía de Ronda. Recognising that many people are not interested in climbing mountain summits, Eva and Tony have concentrated on walks on public footpaths in the mountains. During a walk “you should have a sense of being at one with your surroundings, even when the setting is jaw-droppingly magnificent.”The authors bring the rich and diverse birdlife and wildflowers to life with vivid photographs and descriptions. The in-house produced route maps should eliminate any risk of getting lost.

The longest walk in this book is about 4 hours. Many are just 1.5 – 2 hours in length, a few even less than that. So the reader will have ample time for rest stops, for admiring their surroundings and for doing something else with the rest of their day. Eva and Tony have also chosen the walks for the way that they contrast with each other, as well as for their individual intrinsic merits.

Local ornithology author Juan Oñate summed this book up perfectly: “The authors´ witty and thoughtful passion for nature shines through this much-needed book. A mix of acute observation, an eye for detail and every encouragement to buy a pair of binoculars”.


Title: Walking in the Ronda Mountains
Autors: Tony Bishop and Eva Monika Bratek
Publisher: La Serranía
ISBN: 978-84-15030-25-6
Pages: 168 to any color
Format: 12×21 cm
Binding: rustic, with lapels
10 Euros
Date of publicacion: February, 2011




13 Responses to “Walking in the Ronda Mountains. 30 Half-day Walks in Andalucia”

  1. Jean White dice:

    This book makes me want to walk in the Ronda mountains. It’s a little treasure.

  2. Excellent book and how fantastic to have such an informative book in English. If only there were others translated, this would also help develop tourism to the area. We leave the book at our Villa |( which we rent out to holiday-makers and they have enjoyed reading the book and trying out some of the walks. We’ve had very positive feedback on it. More books on the fantastic nature and local environment around Ronda would be great to develop more tourists to the area. Highly recommend this book.

  3. This well presented, quality walking guide is the most accurate we have come across so far.Many of our guests have picked it from our library to use for a walk in the area and were fully satisfied.It is handy by size,has clearly described routes alongside a marked out map and many attractive photos of all the beautiful birds in the surrounding.Best quality for good value!You can’t resist to just go out and explore!

  4. C Smith (Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK) dice:

    This is the most beautiful walking book I have ever purchased. The quality of the book is outstanding, printed in full colour and on high quality paper. The size of the book is ideal for walkers, in that it will easily fit into any pocket, yet it packs in so much detailed information on the walks and the wildlife of the Ronda Mountains. The photographs are gorgeous, the instructions for the walks are detailed and complemented beautifully by the maps. If you need any encouragement to visit Ronda and get walking this is it. Now where did I put my walking boots?

  5. Cary Vardy (Southampton, UK) dice:

    “Walking in the Ronda Mountains” is an excellent guide to both easy and more adventurous walks with very helpful descriptions and easy to follow routes and maps, capturing the essence of what is truly great about the Ronda region. The writers’ enthusiasm and interesting style makes this a “must have” book for both its walking guide and the abundant information of the general wildlife that can be found too. I would recommend this book to anyone.

  6. Breda Keegan dice:

    I found this book to be an excellent guide for walkers – it suits those of us who want to explore the countryside but who still feel more comfortable sticking to well-marked paths. There is so much plant and animal life to identify in this area and ‘Walking in Ronda’ gives great descriptions of what we can expect to see on each walk. An invaluable guide and the perfect size to carry in a pocket!
    Breda, Cortes de la Frontera

  7. Ian Brown dice:

    Hugely informative guide with delightful easy to follow walks and best of all the instructions for finding the starts of the walks are perfect.
    A real gem of a guide I look forward to volume 2.
    Ian Brown Foothills Sheffield Ltd

  8. Richard Begley dice:

    Excellent I used this book on my first trip to Andulucia for a walking holiday. Fully intend going back to carry out further walks and will be using this book again and again.
    Well done to the authors for the easy reading style and the uncomplicated description of the walks. I had no problems with the directions given.

  9. Mike Nicholas, Álora, Málaga. dice:

    Excellent walking book, good quality, very informative and marvellous value for money. You could perfectly reasonably charge double for it. We’ve only done one walk so far, with no problems. It’s too hot now, we’ll have to wait until autumn for the next one.

  10. “Walking in the Ronda Mountains” is an eminently practical and user friendly guide book. An easy warmth and humour in the writing means it may be the only companion you will need on your adventures in the Serrania!

  11. Sue Fuller, Edinburgh dice:

    A beautiful book with detailed instructions for a lot of walks in a relatively small area. I was particularly impressed that information on access by public transport was included. The pictures are inspiring. Make sure you take good shoes or boots on your holiday and get walking.

  12. Maureeen Rowan Harvey dice:

    We got this book by lucky chance in the tourist office in Monteqaque and it enhanced our short visit hugely. We did three walks in July in temperatures that were hot but comfortable for 3 -4 hours walking in the afternoons. The book is a treasure – beautifully presented, interesting information on wildlife, easy to follow and very suitable for the everyday walker rather than mountaineer. We are keeping our copy safe for the next visit!

  13. Deborah (New Hampshire, US) dice:

    We are visiting this area from the US on December 2nd. How can I get a copy of this book when we drive from Madrid? Is there a major bookstore easy to find? I wish it was available on Amazon. Can I communicate with you, Tony, about hikes around the Ronda region or is there a website with descriptions?
    Thank you. Deb

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